Boston Construction Litigation Lawyers

At the law firm of Gilman, McLaughlin & Hanrahan, LLP, our experienced Boston construction litigation attorneys are dedicated to helping clients find efficient and effective resolution to their construction disputes.

Since 1973, our skilled trial attorneys have provided high-quality representation to our clients in the Boston area, throughout eastern Massachusetts and Cape Cod. Whether in negotiations, in the courtroom or through alternative dispute resolution (ADR), we offer personal attention and skilled advocacy.

Resolving Construction and Development Disputes

Our attorneys represent and protect the interests of our clients in construction mediation, arbitration, litigation and collections. We help clients with all types of construction disputes, including:

  • Contract disputes (breach of contract, warranties, defective work, nonpayment, supply contracts, etc.)

  • Collections issues (mechanic's liens, surety bonds, prompt payment law violations, etc.)
  • Public bidding disputes (public bidding laws, surety bonds, direct payment, contracts, etc.)
  • Real estate disputes (actions to quiet title, easement issues, land use and zoning issues, etc.)

  • Project development disputes (change orders, requisitions, design issues, etc.)
  • Construction defects (failure to perform, substantial performance, defective work and materials, warranty enforcement, etc.)

Preserving Your Rights Before a Dispute Arises

Our lawyers advise clients on contract and construction issues at every stage of the process, from project development to completion, to prevent future disputes and litigation. We help architects, owners, developers, engineers, contractors and subcontractors review and negotiate construction contracts. We assist builders and subcontractors to protect their lien rights and otherwise protect your rights against the owner of the property during construction and once it is complete.

Speak With a Massachusetts Mediation/Arbitration Attorney

At our law firm, our attorneys are knowledgeable in the issues involved in residential, commercial and public construction. We often consult industry experts, such as architects and engineers, in the context of design, planning and construction litigation in order to help our clients seek a resolution that meets their goals.

To learn more about our construction litigation services, contact us today.