Boston Bankruptcy Lawyers

Massachusetts Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyers

At the law firm of Gilman, McLaughlin & Hanrahan, LLP, our attorneys provide advice to all participants in the bankruptcy and workout process including secured and unsecured creditors and debtors.

Our attorneys take a careful, detailed approach to the bankruptcy and workout area. The Bankruptcy Code is extraordinarily complex, and our attorneys have the experience to work through the complexities and provide personalized representation to each of our clients.

  • Pre-Filing Advice
    Consideration of bankruptcy possibilities and alternatives in advance of a critical stage is essential. our attorneys counsel clients on the options available including negotiated settlements, loan restructuring, and workouts, both within and outside of structured court proceedings.
  • Foreclosure and Recovery
    We counsel secured lenders on appropriate strategies to preserve and protect their collateral and, if necessary, to foreclose including commercial foreclosure proceedings, the repossession of real and personal property, and other dispositions.
  • Bankruptcy Proceedings/Litigation
    We provide representation to all participants in bankruptcy proceedings including debtors, unsecured creditors, secured creditors and trustees. our attorneys are familiar with the entire spectrum of issues common to bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Asset Sales/Commercial Transactions
    our attorneys provide advice on the acquisition of assets in distressed transactions.

Our attorneys also represent financial institutions and others with a focus on creditors' rights, such as pre-judgment remedies, equitable remedies, commercial foreclosures of real and personal property, fraudulent conveyance actions, receiverships, and post-judgment remedies.

Our aim is to represent clients in the most effective and comprehensive strategic method.