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Child Custody Attorneys Serving Boston

Child custody and child support are two of the most emotional and important components of any divorce filing. It is vital that you protect your contribution to the best interests of your children when negotiating or litigating a detailed divorce agreement. A skilled family law attorney can help ensure that this happens.

Throughout Massachusetts, people have been seeking out the skilled legal team at Gilman, McLaughlin & Hanrahan, LLP , when they need comprehensive assistance with child custody and support matters. Contact us today to learn more during a confidential consultation.

Child Custody

Our Boston child custody lawyers can help you determine what arrangement will best work for you and your children. This may involve pursuing sole custody, a joint custody arrangement or a hybrid agreement that accommodates factors such as work schedules, extensive travel by one parent because of a job, the schedule of the child or any other unique situation.

Child Support

We will also work with you to help draft a child support order that takes into account the guidelines set by current law. This also includes determining the correct income calculations and deductions that apply as well as factoring in additional expenses that each party needs to be responsible for as part of the child support obligation. Our goal is to make sure that the support order is fair, detailed and takes into account all of the child’s needs.

We aim to resolve family issues as amicably as possible while addressing outstanding issues in order to avoid future disputes. However, we are always available to settle disputes using alternative forms of dispute resolution or litigation, when necessary. This includes seeking modifications when there has been a substantial change in circumstances that requires a custody or support order to be changed. We can also help you seek or oppose a contempt order when one party is not in compliance with the terms of an order.

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