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Resolving Legal Issues Related To Land Use In Boston

At the law firm of Gilman, McLaughlin & Hanrahan, LLP, our Massachusetts land use attorneys have the experience to guide real estate developers, homebuilders and property owners through all types of local, administrative and regulatory proceedings associated with zoning and land use.

Since 1973, our firm has been dedicated to providing high-quality services to clients in and around Boston, eastern Massachusetts and Cape Cod. As a midsized general practice firm, we are in an ideal position to provide comprehensive real estate representation.

Guiding Clients Through Permitting And Other Regulatory Matters

Our law firm is made up of attorneys with great depth and breadth of experience in a wide range of areas. We regularly provide clients with cost-effective, detail-oriented representation in land use and zoning matters, including but not limited to the following:

  • Zoning and subdivisions: Our firm represents developers and property owners in all zoning and subdivision matters, including zoning variances.
  • Zoning and subdivision appeals: Our Massachusetts zoning lawyers help clients defend or initiate appeals and strengthen their positions on the substantive and standing issues involved in zoning and subdivision cases.
  • Property development permits: Our attorneys have the experience to help clients identify and secure the necessary permits for property development projects.
  • Environmental permits: We have an in-depth understanding of how state and federal environmental laws impact property owners and developers, including the Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act (MEPA), Chapter 21E, Chapter 91 and wetland laws.
  • Subsidized housing: Our firm helps subsidized housing developers pursue Chapter 40B comprehensive permits and other applicable zoning and land use permits.
  • Eminent domain: Our lawyers protect the rights of real estate owners whose properties have been taken by eminent domain or made subject to governmental restrictions amounting to a “regulatory taking.”

In all of these areas, it is important to hire an attorney who is knowledgeable not only about the latest developments in the statutes and regulations governing zoning and land use, but also about the local conditions that may influence the outcomes of permit applications and appeals.

Contact A Massachusetts Attorney Regarding Zoning And Land Use Issues

Choosing the right real estate attorney can make all the difference. We welcome your inquiries and would be pleased to discuss our qualifications to represent you. Contact us today.