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Family Law And Divorce Attorneys You Can Rely On

Your family is your most precious asset. At Gilman, McLaughlin & Hanrahan, LLP, we know how stressful family disputes can be. Our family law and divorce lawyers focus on relieving that stress by delivering outstanding legal representation and attentive service with a dedicated lawyer.

We represent individuals in and around the Boston, Massachusetts, area who are seeking an affordable attorney who is well-versed in handling a variety of family law matters.

Learn more about our approach to family law matters. Contact our firm to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Our Approach To Child Support And Other Family Law Issues

In family law matters, it is rarely in your best interest to have a heated court battle. Not only is court expensive, but it also does not guarantee lasting resolution. In fact, long and drawn-out court battles can create more animosity making it difficult to maintain any lasting peace. Although we are skilled litigators, in family law and divorce matters we believe you are better served by an attorney who can effectively negotiate a resolution for you.

We represent people in the following types of family law matters:

  • Divorce — The greatest long-term challenge when ending a marriage is finding a way to support two homes on the same income.
  • High net worth divorce — When family businesses or other significant assets are part of a divorce, it is incredibly helpful to have any attorney who is well-versed in business matters to ensure assets are properly identified and divided equitably.
  • Property division — Dividing assets in divorce requires an attorney to determine what property is part of the marital estate and what property is not, accurately assessing its value and negotiating an equitable distribution.
  • Child custody and child support — In Massachusetts, child custody is determined by careful consideration of what situation is in the best interests of the child. Child support is established by following the state’s child support guidelines.
  • Alimony — The Alimony Reform Act changed the way spousal support is calculated in Massachusetts.
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements — To create an effective prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, it is critical that you have an attorney who is experienced in drafting these types of contracts.

Our attorneys also offer estate planning services to protect your family in the event the unexpected happens.

Tell Us About Your Family Law Situation

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