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Representing Family Businesses In The Boston Area

Offering Comprehensive Services To All Types Of Closely Held Businesses

Operating a family business or another closely held business comes with its own particular set of challenges, which include sorting out who is responsible for running the business, who is going to make business decisions and how the income from the business will be distributed.

At Gilman, McLaughlin & Hanrahan, LLP, our Boston family business attorneys and closely held business lawyers have been providing high-quality, detail-oriented counsel and representation to businesses throughout eastern Massachusetts and Cape Cod since 1973.

Addressing Your Specific Concerns And Challenges

Family and closely held businesses are legally similar to other businesses in many ways, but they also raise some unique concerns. The lawyers at our firm provide personal attention to the needs of each business we represent, effectively addressing issues such as the following:

  • Entity formation and governance: Our attorneys will help you select the type of legal entity that aligns most closely with your specific goals for your business. We also help family and closely held businesses draft and negotiate operating agreements, shareholder agreements, partnership agreements and other business governance agreements.
  • Contract review and negotiation: Before your business enters into a franchise contract, supply contract or any other contract, the experienced transactional lawyers at our firm can review the terms and identify potential opportunities for negotiation.
  • Corporate succession and business dissolution: Preparing a closely held business for an orderly succession of ownership and control can be a particular challenge, especially for a family business. Our attorneys are experienced at counseling business owners on all aspects of succession, as well as dissolution of existing business entities.
  • Family business litigation: Unfortunately, family business disputes sometimes need to be resolved through litigation. Our experienced trial attorneys can help you select a strategy for achieving your goals and diligently advocate for your interests.

Our firm is dedicated to providing comprehensive transactional and litigation services to family and closely held businesses. To discuss how we can help you, contact us today.