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Handling litigation following a merger or acquisition

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2020 | Commercial Litigation |

Mergers and acquisitions often bring a number of benefits, allowing companies to expand and reach new heights. However, they also carry certain risks and there is always the possibility that unexpected hardships will arise. For example, some business owners head to the courtroom as a result of litigation following a merger or acquisition.

If your business is in the middle of a lawsuit involving a merger or a firm you recently acquired, it is imperative to handle legal matters carefully and safeguard your interests.

Reviewing why lawsuits arise after a merger or acquisition

There are multiple reasons why lawsuits come up due to a merger or acquisition. For example, some business owners are unaware of disputes and legal hurdles that exist when they merge with or acquire a firm. Moreover, some people are not familiar with certain regulations or facets of a firm’s daily operations, increasing the likelihood of litigation. It is imperative to go over potential legal concerns prior to a merger or acquisition and correctly address any threats that you identify.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, some companies end up in court as a result of violations of the Clayton Act, which bars mergers and acquisitions that lead to a monopoly.

Reviewing the impact of business-related litigation

Regardless of a company’s size, these cases are often complex and can pose serious risks, from devastating financial penalties to repercussions that ultimately prompt a business owner to shut down operations. Moreover, many business owners suffer from high levels of stress and other emotional burdens that carry over into their personal lives when these cases surface.