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What do I put in my cover letter for letters rogatory?

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2022 | Firm News |

If you need to seek assistance from a foreign court, you may need to file letters rogatory. These are something you may need to get help with if there is no law compelling the foreign court to work with you. They provide a simple request to the court.

When submitting letters rogatory, you need to be sure that you include every element. The U.S. Department of State explains an important part of your request packet is the cover letter that must contain specific information.

Identifying details

Your cover letter needs to contain some basic identifying information about your case. It should include the case name and docket number. It also needs to state to whom it is going, including the country name and the person’s name. Try to also include identifying information for the person to whom you send it, such as the address.

Also, put on the cover letter the return address and name of the person to whom the court should return the documents. Be sure to note also if you have a foreign attorney in the location where you sent the request and provide his or her contact details.

Other information

Your cover letter should also include any special instructions for the person receiving the request. This might include how to return the documentation or provide details on the date by which you need the information or a reply.

Financial information

You should also note on the cover letter if you included a deposit or fee payment with your request. Note also who is responsible for paying any costs associated with the request.

Providing this information in the cover letter will make it much easier for the foreign court. You want to make the process as smooth as possible to help encourage the court to help you out.