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3 scenarios in which letters rogatory come into play

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2024 | Firm News |

In the realm of international legal matters, the concept of letters rogatory plays an important role.

These legal instruments facilitate communication between different countries, helping resolve cross-border issues. There are several scenarios where letters rogatory may prove necessary, showcasing their practical significance in global legal affairs.

1. Obtaining evidence abroad

When legal proceedings involve evidence located in a foreign jurisdiction, letters rogatory come into play. In a case in which a court in one country requires information or documents held by an entity in another nation, the court issues a letter rogatory to the foreign court, seeking assistance in obtaining the necessary evidence.

2. Service of process

Serving legal documents to an individual or entity residing in a different country can be a complex task. Letters rogatory streamline this process by enabling the requesting court to seek assistance from the foreign court. This ensures that legal notices, summons or other documents are properly served in accordance with the laws of the foreign jurisdiction.

3. Witness testimonies

In scenarios where a witness located in one country needs to testify in legal proceedings taking place in another, letters rogatory become indispensable. The court in the witness’s location sends a formal request to the foreign court, seeking permission for the witness to provide testimony. This ensures a seamless exchange of information between jurisdictions.

U.S. multinational enterprises invest trillions in other countries but some situations result in the need to take legal actions. Letters rogatory serve as important tools in addressing legal matters that transcend national boundaries, helping to facilitate a more seamless resolution.