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When business lawsuits head to Superior Court

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2021 | Commercial Litigation |

If you are facing litigation as a business owner, you need to review the unique details of your case and take steps to secure your interests. Sometimes, business litigation ends up in Superior Court, and the outcome of such a case could have a significant impact on a business’ future. For example, if you cannot secure a favorable end result, you might have to make the tough decision to cease operations.

Business litigation often results in financial penalties, emotional distress and a shattered reputation, among other hardships. On the other hand, success in the courtroom helps safeguard the future of a business. Make sure you pore over every strategy to defend your firm.

Cases that appear in the Superior Court’s Business Litigation Session

According to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, a number of business and commercial disputes appear in the Superior Court’s Business and Litigation Session. For example, the BLS hears cases involving insurance coverage, intellectual property, shareholder derivative claims, business torts, corporate mergers, asset sales and other complex matters.

Case management and the BLS

The BLS prioritizes resolving disputes in a timely manner. When the BLS schedules trial dates, the dates are firm. As a result, if your case appears in Superior Court, you can count on securing a resolution on the scheduled date. BLS judges swiftly confer with counsel to develop an efficient scheduling order. If you are facing the threat of legal action, you need to develop a careful plan to work through your case. If attempts to resolve the disagreement outside of court prove unsuccessful, make sure you have a comprehensive understanding of your rights and legal hurdles to expect.