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4 tips to remember when negotiating a commercial lease

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2021 | Commercial Real Estate |

Finding the right space to grow your business can be an exciting prospect. Whether you are leasing an office location, a production facility or a retail storefront, a commercial real estate lease is a crucial element of the transaction. It is important, though, to focus on the smaller details to ensure you eliminate any unnecessary disputes in the future.

Here are numerous tips to remember as you proceed through the commercial transaction process:

  • Visit surrounding properties: It is wise to compare the property you’ve identified with other options. It is not uncommon for those searching to stop looking after the first acceptable option. By researching surrounding properties, you might find a better match to your business needs.
  • Find out more about those around you: It is wise to dig in a little deeper to learn about your building owner and landlord. From doing some internet research to discussing them with your neighboring business owners, you can gain some insight into past experiences and potential future behaviors.
  • Clarify the maintenance terms: It is wrong to take even the smallest factor for granted. If you make any sort of assumption about maintenance costs, it could lead to heated disputes in the future.
  • Research your area: Fully understanding the neighborhood and its community can be the difference between success and failure in any business venture. Before you sign the lease agreement, it is wise to take the time to learn as much as you can about the surrounding area so you can plan accordingly.

Whether this is your first business or the fifth time you’ve signed a lease agreement, it is wise to take your time and understand all the factors that can influence your decision. From online research to friendly conversation with your potential neighbors, you can learn a great deal about the property you have selected.