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Keeping up with changes to patent law

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2022 | Commercial Litigation |

Technology continues evolving and changing at a rapid pace. Right alongside that, the number of cases of commercial litigation that involve technology also continues to grow.

Unfair competition laws and other potential issues have sprung up as the law begins to tackle more complex problems of intellectual property tied to technology.

Understanding the import ban

Showcasing these new issues is a recent battle between Google and Sonos. Patent infringement is a common concern in tech industries, though it can occur in any field and involve any size of business.

In the case of the two tech giants battling it out, the judge cited the Tariff Act of 1930, which bans the import of any product that violates current existing patents. Sonos accused Google of breaching this act and violating a number of different patents. At the same time, Google filed a countersuit accusing the plaintiff of the same violations.

Implications for the future

A potential import ban brought on by the outcome of this trial could have lasting effects on businesses in the future. It might also set a precedent for how courts handle similar cases going forward.

Within foreseeable times, people may turn to the ruling of this case and use it as support when accusing another party of patent violations. This could potentially help with the battle against unfair competition or importation practices.

Regardless of the outcome, both international and domestic legal battles will likely persist over the years as technology continues to evolve, further complicating an already complex legal field.